‘The Penthouse’ Actor Park Eun Seok Embroiled in Controversy over “Abandoning” His Pets

Credit: Park Eun Seok Instagram

After a netizen, who claims to be Park Eun Suk‘s classmate, raised suspicions over the actor repeatedly abandoning his pets, netizens also raised allegations of him being the “animal hoarder.”

On Jan 26, online communities heated up after a post written by netizen A, who claimed himself to be Park Eun Suk’s classmate, started to spread like wildfire. In the post, A wrote that one of his classmates, who replaced one pup with another because “his girlfriend didn’t like it,” appeared on an entertainment show with two cats and a 3-month-old puppy, sparking a controversy.

The actor in question was soon narrowed down to Park Eun Seok, who recently rose to stardom through The Penthouse: War in Life, as the actor recently appeared on I Live Alone with two cats and a 3-month-old golden retriever Molly.

Credit: Park Eun Seok Twitter, Money Today

Soon after the controversy swept up the online communities, netizens discovered that more pets that Park took care of – a poodle, an old English sheepdog, two cats, and a porcupine – are all gone.

Some also started to point out that Park abused his dog Molly by putting her in a small fence for 3 hours without water and a pee pad just because he wanted to exercise as much as he wants without having to worry about her peeing inside the house.

Credit: MBC

Later today, Park Eun Seok’s agency Hunus Entertainment dismissed A’s claims and stated that the actors’ pets were re-adopted to his acquaintances’ home because of “various circumstances” like moving into a dorm that doesn’t allow pets or providing a bigger home for the dog.

And yet, the reactions are cold because, despite the fact that the owner’s environment must be considered when adopting a pet, Park Eun Seok repeated adoption and re-adoption to “fulfill his desires” like an animal hoarder.


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