Lee Ji Hye Talks about Her Miscarriage and the Words of Support She Received

Credit: Woman Sense Korea

Singer Lee Ji Hye confessed about the times she gained strength from the support of many people after her miscarriage.

Credit: Woman Sense Korea

In an interview with Woman Sense Magazine Korea, the singer stated that she will never forget the warm words given by a lot of people. In the same edition, Lee Ji Hye drew the eye with her elegant appearance, unlike the usual easy-going and relatable Lee Ji Hye on entertainment shows. With innocent concepts for the shoot, she was seen to have a sophisticated and luxurious aura around her.

Last March, Lee Ji Hye told the viewers about the miscarriage of her second child on her personal YouTube channel named “Gwanjong Un-ni.” “Many people have delivered their words of support and consolation. I will never forget those warm words,” she says, explaining the heartbreaking times.

She also mentioned the multiple hiatus in her career. “I used to think that my life would end when my group Sharp was disbanded. The hiatus was hard because I didn’t know when it would or could end, but I endured through it without giving up the faith in myself,” she said.

Lee Ji Hye also listed singer Baek Ji Young, actress Chae Jung An, and Cool’s Yuri as those who helped through hard times. She said that they are those who were there for her even through multiple waves of hardships. “They’re my friends forever who make me feel like we met each other just yesterday even when we can’t meet that often,” she affectionately explained.


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