Jun Jin Meets His Birth Mother After 21 Years on ‘Same Bed, Different Dreams 2’

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Singer Jun Jin has met his biological mother for the first time in 21 years.

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On an episode of SBS’ Same Bed, Different Dreams 2: You Are My Destiny aired on the 25th, a touching scene of Jun Jin meeting his mother in 21 years was revealed. Jun Jin carefully expressed his wish to find his birth mother in the program. Though he previously met his birth mother with the help of his third mother in the past, he stopped staying in touch because he was worried that her young son would be perplexed. Seeing that Jun Jin wanted to reunite, his mother contacted the production team of Same Bed, Different Dreams 2, and the two finally met again.

Jun Jin’s hands were shaking before talking to her on the phone. When she received the call, he was so surprised that he hung up. Soon after, the singer burst into tears as his birth mother called him back asking, “Is this Choong Jae?” He promised to meet her as he tearily replied that he has so much to tell her.

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His third mother, who raised Jun Jin as if he was her biological son, told him “That’s so good to hear. I’m more glad than anyone that Jun Jin met his biological mother. I give you the biggest congratulations of my life.” Jun Jin continued, “Mommy is also my mother. I love you,” to which his ‘Mommy’ jokingly asked whether he was filming a movie due to the drama of it all.

As Jun Jin finally met with his mother, they welcomed each other with tears. Jun Jin and his wife Ryu Yi Seo wrote a letter to convey their feelings to her. “There were so many hard, lonely, and heartbreaking days, but it feels like they’ve disappeared as soon as I met you. How hard it must have been to think about me all these times. Let’s stop crying and smile from now on,” he stated.

Jun Jin also said that he felt a new feeling as he talked about a lot of things with his birth mother. “Apparently I was born at home. And there were situations where they couldn’t keep and raise me. I resented her when I was young, but now I understand after meeting her in person and talking to her. My mom and I were just like each other in person. We even had the same way of speaking and eating,” he explained.


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