Yeo Jin Goo Chooses ‘The Crowned Clown’ and ‘Hotel Del Luna’ as the Most Meaningful Works

Credit: GQ Korea
Credit: GQ Korea

Yeo Jin Goo has exuded his matured charms through the recent pictorial with GQ Korea.

In an interview with a pictorial, Yeo Jin Goo mentioned his new drama Beyond Evil, set to premiere on Feb 9. “There are only a handful of scenes where I smile,” he shared. “Han Joo Won, the elite detective I play, believes himself to be rational and sees the world from a very calculating and realistic perspective. I’ve never played a character like him before. So it’s refreshing every time I act.”

Yeo also mentioned his special appearance in Start-Up as a voice of AI speaker. He added, “The direction first asked me to keep my voice appearance a secret. Some recognized my voice right away, but my best friend had no idea till the last episode. He told me that he thought of it as a voice actor’s voice.”

Credit: GQ Korea
Credit: GQ Korea

To the question that asked the most meaningful works in his career, Yeo answered, “The Crowned Clown and Hotel Del Luna are very meaningful to me. The Crowned Clown gave me an opportunity to grasp what acting is, whereas Hotel Del Luna made me realize that it’s okay to act as I want as I received so much love and compliments. I was really overwhelmed at the time.”

Meanwhile, you can see more of Yeo Jin Goo’s pictorial and interview in the Feb issue of GQ Korea. Some of them will also be released through GQ Korea Instagram.

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