Kim Dong Jun and Kim Jae Kyung’s Affectionate Love Story in ‘A Way Station’

The emotional melodrama A Way Station, set to be released next month, has unveiled 8 still photos containing Kim Dong Jun and Kim Jae Kyung’s affectionate love story.

A Way Station depicts the miraculous meeting between Seung Hyun (Kim Dong Jun), a man who loses his memory every day, and Ji Ah (Kim Jae Kyung), a terminally ill woman who wants to be remembered by him forever.

Credit: Dream Fact Entertainment

In the newly released photos, the two actors’ mournful emotions are well captured, catching the eye. Kim Dong Jun has perfectly turned into Seoung Hyun, who desperately wants to remember his first love Ji Ah, and his three-dimensional portrayal raises curiosity as to what kind of sad love story he will unfold.

Ji Ah, a terminally ill woman, is delicately expressed by Kim Jae Kyung. Though she wants to be Seung Hyun’s last memory, she worries about her lover who will be left alone when she leaves. But Kim Jae Kyung’s affectionate expressions of wanting to stay by his side till the end leaves an unforgettable aftertaste.

Credit: Dream Fact Entertainment

Moreover, you can also check out characters’ sincere hearts for each other from Kyung Sook (Yoon Yoo Sun), Ji Ah’s mother, who wishes to make her daughter’s last moment as happy as possible, and her best friends Hye Sun (Jin Ye Sol) and Dong Chan (Heo Jung Min).

A Way Station will be released in February.

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