‘Child’ Heralds Heartwarming and Healing Story

Credit: Lotte Entertainment

Child unveiled its still photos that give a glimpse into the heartwarming and healing story.

The released still photos raise expectations about the story the two main characters will unfold in a world full of scars – Ah Yeong (Kim Hyang Gi), a child who lives through this world silently yet proudly and Young Chae (Ryu Hyun Kyung), a single mother who still dreams of happiness as she raises her baby alone without anyone to rely on. As a novice mother and a babysitter, the two begin to take a step together toward the world.

In particular, the picture that shows the three people lying together in a sunny living room is enough to make you feel their irreplaceable happiness. However, their anxious eyes in other photos suggest that their journey through the tough world will not be so easy.

Credit: Lotte Entertainment

On top of that Mi Ja (Yeom Hye Ran) will appear as a person who hides her cares behind her harsh words, adding more emotions into the play. From Ah Yeong and Young Chae to Mija, attention focuses on the three adults’ heartwarming story.

Child, the feature debut film of director Kim Hyun Tak, is a movie about warm consolation and healing that begins when a child who had to grow up an adult early becomes a babysitter for a woman raising a six-month-old child by herself. The film will be released on Feb 10.


Source: Lotte Entertainment

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