Netizens Confused After Finding Artists’ Autographed Albums for CLC Listed for Sale on Online Market

Credit: Cube Entertainment

Artists’ autographed albums gifted to CLC were found on a used items market app, confusing netizens.

On Jan 19, various online communities heated up when a post titled “artists’ autographed CDs given to CLC are on the carrot market.” According to the post, CDs signed by artists like TVXQ’s Yunho, Cheery Bullet, Rothy and WE IN THE ZONE for CLC were posted on Carrot Market (a second-hand trading app) for sale.

Credit: The Qoo, Wikitree

The photos released in the writing show messages written carefully by senior and junior singers. Yunho wrote, “I enjoyed your performance. Hope you become an artist who works for a long time. And always try to enjoy your activities.”

After the post went viral, netizens speculated a staff member to be the one to list these for sale and commented, “That’s so terrifying, I hope the company receives feedback, so no one gets their feelings hurt,” “If one of those albums were from my favorite group, then my blood will boil,” “This company really needs to manage their staff better,” or “I mean come on, CLC isn’t stupid enough to post this for sale.”


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