B.I Says He Was Worried that He Might Cause Trouble for Epik High by Participating in Their New Album

Credit: Newsen, Hours
Credit: Newsen, Hours

B.I expressed his thoughts on collaborating with Epik High.

Recently, it was announced that B.I took part in one of the tracks from Epik High’s new album Epik High Is Here CD 1.

The 4th track “Acceptance Speech” is like a page from a diary that shows the light and darkness, cloud and dark clouds that coexist in all of our hearts. For the song, not only did B.I become a featuring artist but also a composer and a lyricist alongside Epik High.

About his collaboration, B.I shared, “Thinking that I would cause trouble for Epik High, I couldn’t say yes even after I got the offer. But I was encouraged by the advice and encouragement from Epik High members, and decided to take part in the song after much consideration.”

“It was like a dream for me to collaborate with Epik High, whom I have been a big fan of for a long time,” he added. “I would like to say thank you to them (Epik High members) who gave me the opportunity to participate in such a great song.”

Meanwhile, since leaving iKON, B.I has become the executive director of IOK Company and continued to share good deeds, donating to those in need.


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  • Don’t worry Hanbinaa! Your Sunbae believes in you like how they believe in you during your pre-debut days. Thank you for saying yes to this collaboration. You make people happy and I hope you’re happy too. We will always be forever be grateful to Epik High for being a good hyungs to you.

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