[Weekly Up & Down] Shim Eun Jin and Hyoyeon Embroiled in Controversy vs. Seungri Indicted on One More Charge

Shim Eun Jin and Jeon Seung Bin Announce Their Marriage

Credit: MBC

Baby VOX’s Shim Eun Jin announced her marriage with actor Jeon Seung Bin. The pair first met through the MBC drama Cruel Love and has finally tied their knot. But soon after the announcement, Jeon Seung Bin’s ex-wife Hong In Young stepped into the picture, raising suspicion about them starting their relationship as an affair. Hong’s mother also began to leave contentious comments, snowballing the controversy. However, Jeon Seung Bin’s agency stated, “Jeon Seung Bin and Hong In Young divorced in April last year. But they have been in a rocky relationship from 2019 and prepared for their divorce since then.”


Hyoyeon Refutes “Burning Sun” Informant Kim Sang Kyo’s Claims

Credit: SM Entertainment

Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon refuted the allegations raised by Kim Sang Kyo, � the first informant of the “Burning Sun Scandal.” He fingered at Hyoyeon as he wrote, “Let me ask you one thing. Who was the actress who was drooling under the influence of drugs that day that Ha XX and Ahn XX officers from Yeoksam District couldn’t even enter the club? You must have seen.” Hyoyeon, who suddenly got caught up in a controversy, warned the haters, “I’m going to punish you hard this time. Also! I’ll delete this tomorrow, but not because I’m scared. If you don’t speak up, people think you’re a pushover.” Nevertheless, Kim continues to raise more controversies by mentioning Hyoyeon.


n.CH and CJ ENM Dispute over TOO Management

Credit: Stone Music Entertainment, n.CH Entertainment

The agency contract for the rookie group TOO sparked a heated conflict between n.CH and CJENM. TOO, which debuted last year, was created through Mnet’s TO BE WORLD KLASS. It is also the group co-produced by Stone Music Entertainment under CJ ENM and girl group Nature’s agency n.CH Entertainment. However, a controversy sparked when n.CH Entertainment stated, “CJ ENM abruptly order us to take our hands off from the TOO’s management,” and CJ ENM refuted the claim as they believe their order to be fair and square. n.CH, however, rebutted all of CJ ENM’s statement through various media outlets and appealed, “please stop the power-trip of a conglomerate.” Because of the ongoing battle, TOO, who planned to make their comeback in the second half of last year, postponed the release of their new album.


Seungri and Yoo In Seok Additionally Indicted on Charges of Abetting Assault

Credit: iMBC

Former Big Bang member Seungri and Yuri Holding’s former CEO Yoo In Seok have also been indicted on abetting assault. According to the prosecution’s findings, Seungri picked a fight against another customer at a drinking establishment after he opened the door of a private room Seungiri was in back on Dec 30, 2015. In the process, even more guests got involved in the dispute, and Seungi informed Yoo In Seok of the situation via group chat. Afterward, Yoo called members of the gang and ganged up against these customers to threaten them. After being pointed out as the key figure of the “Burning Sun Scandal” that erupted in February 2019, Seungri has been indicted without detention on a total of eight charges, including arranging prostitution in January last year, after he was questioned by the police 17 times. But with this recent news, Seungri added one more charge to his list – abetting assault.


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