‘Running Man’ Yoo Jae Suk’s Hilarious Reaction After Accidentally Walking in on Song Ki Hyo Changing

Credit: SBS

Netizens are loving the reaction Yoo Jae Suk showed after he accidentally opened the door of a room Song Ji Hyo was changing in.

In the latest episode of Running Man, the members had to change their sweaters after finishing a game that involved whipped cream and water balloons.

After members’ respective stylists had left the site to search for a fresh change of clothes, Ji Suk Jin showed his worries saying, “What if I end up being the only one who doesn’t have anything to wear?” Hearing this, Yoo Jae Suk mischievously exclaimed, “Let’s all change quickly and start filming! Let’s go quickly, before Suk Jin’s clothes get here!” and opened a closed door.

But the moment he tried to walk in, Yoo Jae Suk hastily backed out and slammed the door shut, letting out a high-pitched scream. Chaos then erupted on set as members realized that Song Ji Hyo had been changing inside the room. Fortunately, Song was only changing her sweater and had, therefore, been fully dressed underneath.

She soon rushed out of the room and exclaimed, “Why did you suddenly walk in? I’m the one who should have screamed, but I couldn’t since you already screamed out!”

Realizing the situation, Kim Jong Kook and Lee Kwang Soo chased after Yoo and “punished” him, giving a big laugh.

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