Producer Jung Jong Yeon’s Refreshing Attempt, ‘Girl’s High School Mystery Class’

Credit: TVING

“I always wanted to try a program that is set in a girl’s high school,” revealed Producer Jung Jong Yeon at the online press conference of Girl’s High School Mystery Class (literal title) on the afternoon of the 18th.

Credit: TVING

The first episode of Girl’s High School Mystery Class will be unveiled on the 29th only on TVING. The show is a mystery adventure program starring Park Ji Yoon, Jang Do Yeon, Jae-Jae, Vivi, and Choi Ye Na who gather to uncover suspicious events and secrets of their highschool.

Producer Jung said, “It is a program where participants are to solve suspicious incidents in a girl’s high school. In fact, there was an episode in Great Escape which was set in a girl’s high school, and I thought there was a lot to unpack there while directing it.”

He added, “I started with the offer of TVING, but I changed my mind for the cast. While normally, entertainment shows would cast those who were popular to all ages, I wanted to cast a group right for the main target audience of TVING.”

“I thought it’d be nice to make new attempts. I wondered what Jae-Jae, Vivi, and Yena would bring to the show. In the case of Jang Do Yeon and Park Ji Yoon, I asked for their appearances as I knew exactly what roles I wanted them to play,” he explained.

Credit: TVING

He also claimed that viewers have to watch the show till the end to solve the real mystery, as all episodes are connected with a specific link. He told the press with pride, that even the cast members return home from shooting with regrets and great curiosities.

Producer Jung asked for a lot of attention and love for the show. He added, “Everyone took three to four hours just to get to the shooting site, which is not close from where they are. We’re working hard in this cold weather to shoot it. The cast plays an important role as a proxy for the viewers as they allow the watchers to vicariously experience the mysteries.”


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