VICTON’s Han Seung Woo Disses His Sister’s Singing Skills?

Credit: STATV

“Charismatic Boyfriend Idol” VICTON, who returned with their first full-length album in four years, will be appearing on STATV’s Idol League. On this day, VICTON members will reenact a virtual fan signing event to showcase each member’s unique charms for their fans. VICTON’s Idole League will be available on STATV at 8 p.m. KST on the 16th.

Credit: Play M Entertainment

VICTON started their new year with a new song “What I Said,” as they reenact a virtual fan signing event. While they were awkward in the beginning, VICTON’s members flooded the set with their ‘boyfriend-material’ photos as they received the camera. After a successful virtual fan signing event, MC Seo Eun Kwan exclaimed that it’s his first time to get up and applause for this segment.

In the ‘Speed Talk’ segment, VICTON members created huge bursts of laughter. The youngest, Su Bin expressed his disappointment toward Se Jun. “I don’t like it when you leave stuff in the bathroom,” he said, “The rusty hairpin was just left in the bathroom so I ended up throwing them all myself.”

Credit: Play M Entertainment

Meanwhile, VICTON’s eldest Seung Woo showed the realistic side of the Han siblings with the former Secret member and currently an actor, Han Sun Hwa. When asked “If you were to sing a duet with either your first, or second sister, who would you choose?” Seung Woo chose his “second eldest sister,” as he jokingly explained that “I heard Sun Hwa singing, and it was just so-so.”

As Idol League stars an all-round artist VICTON, it will be aired on STATV at 8 p.m. KST on the 16th. STATV is available on channel 89 of Olleh TV, 137 of SK Btv, and 99 of LG U+tv.


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