Moon Jung Won to Halt All Social Media Activities and Take Time to Reflect

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Moon Jung Won, Lee Hwi Jae’s wife and florist, has decided to stop all SNS activities including Instagram and YouTube for the time being as she takes responsibility for a series of controversies that recently arose on Instagram.

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Mun Jung Won’s agency IOK Company said on the 15th, “Moon Jung Won does not remember at all about what has happened in Everland in 2017. However, we fully acknowledge that this is not a reason to ignore the event, and are waiting to get in contact with the individual involved so that we could apologize and compensate.”

The company added, “We are trying to contact the individual and are waiting for an answer. Above everything, we will make an effort to reach out to them as it is important to apologize.”

“We apologize to those who have felt uncomfortable due to the recent series of controversies. Moon Jung Won feels a great sense of responsibility through these events and wishes to have some time off all SNS channels to reflect on herself.”

Credit: IOK Company

Moon Jung Won also delivered a written apology. She wrote, “I am so ashamed and sorry for not being able to remember exactly what happened on that day. I am very sorry for not taking care of the situation properly, especially considering that they must have been anxiously waiting for me.”

She added, “My heart is very painful and fearful right now. The most important thing seems to be to ask for forgiveness from the person who must have been sitting with the issue for years, and to solve it ASAP.”

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The agency claimed that they will do their best to resolve the issue with Moon Jung Won and that they will greet the public more maturely as they learn from this opportunity.

Earlier on the 14th, a netizen posted a comment on Moon Jung Won’s Instagram, “In 2017, I sold 2 toys to Moon Jung Won’s children that were worth a total of 32,000 Won (approximately USD). Moon Jung Won claimed that she would come back later as she did not have her wallet on her, but she did not come back until night time. I ended up making up for it.”

Moon Jung Won previously apologized on her Instagram once already for being a noisy neighbor. As a netizen left a comment that they were suffering from the noise that Moon Jung Won’s family makes, as a neighbor living below her house, the controversy arose. On this, Moon Jung Won apologized to the residents in question as she revealed that she is sorry for those who have experienced inconvenience due to her neighbors and herself.


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  • I just feel so bad for Mrs. Moon. ㅠㅠ Been following their family ever since the TROS show started, and I have no doubt she is the most wonderful mother, always looking after her children and keeping them occupied. What a pity people so shamelessly take advantage of one’s popularity. I hope the situation resolves soon, and I wish this beautiful woman patience and courage she needs to not take this nonsense close to heart. I want her to know that she’s admired and respected. ❤

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