‘Live On’ Hwang Min Hyun Claims Go Eun Taek is a Lot Like Him

Credit: JTBC
Credit: JTBC

Hwang Min Hyun has been recognized for his potential as an actor through Live On. JTBC’s Live On closed curtains on the 12th, as the actor successfully completed his first major role with multiple dimensions ranging from cool-headedness to warm sunshine-like kindness.

Hwang Min Hyun’s ability to illustrate characters has been proven through multiple attempts. After debuting as a member of NU’EST in 2012, he continued his activities as Wanna One after appearing in Mnet’s Audition program Produce 101 Season 2. He challenged in full-fledged acting through the musical Marie Antoinette in 2019 as he played the brave Swedish nobleman, Count Axel von Perzen. And in 2020, he became the protagonist of a drama.

Credit: JTBC

Even though Live On was his first as a lead role, he drew attention with his stable acting skills and sentimental performances. He delicately expressed the complex inner mind of someone who has conflicts with his parents, while also reenacting the feelings of a first love which fluttered hearts. His deep voice and strong eyes captivated not only Baek Ho Rang but also the viewers.

As a drama which led Hwang Min Hyun to be recognized as an actor, what kind of drama does Live On remain as, for him? In a written interviewer with MBN, he said, “I felt a lot of pressure because it was my first drama as a lead. However, I managed to finish it well thanks to those on-site. I particularly relied a lot on Jung Da Bin. While I was worried as there were many unfamiliar and difficult things, I was able to be encouraged by the emotions and cooperation of Baek Ho Rang.” He especially expressed his gratitude towards Jung Da Bin.

Credit: JTBC

He commented on Go Eun Taek, the perfectionist model student, “I was able to be more immersed in the character because his personality and values resemble those of mine a lot. I tried to express how Eun Taek is cold and indifferent at first but becomes gradually softer and kinder as he meets Ho Rang. I hope Eun Taek is remembered by the audience as a person who knows how to give his heart, yet without being gullible.

The actor chose the ending of the 7th episode as the most memorable scene. “The scene where Eun Taek hugged Ho Rang after she confesses everything on air, as he tells her that she did well. I felt that they genuinely opened their hearts to each other. I still feel the warmth whenever I think of that scene,” he said.

As a final note, he mentioned, “I’m happy to have found another work that I enjoy, through Live On. In the future, I’d like to participate in various works regardless of my role. I think I learn a lot out there in the field. If I have a goal, I want to become a singer and actor who touches the hearts of many.”


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