Geeks’ Louie and U Sung Eun Have Been Dating for 2 Years

Credit: Louie Instagram

Geeks’ Louie and U Sung Eun are dating.

On Jan 13, Louie posted a picture of him posing with U Sung Eun on his Instagram. And along with the photo, he also posted a picture of their couple rings, officially starting their Lovestagram. U Sung Eun also posted a clip of her cooking on her Instagram Story today and tagged Louie.

In response, Louie’s agency Grandline Entertainment said, “Louie and U Sung Eun have been dating for 2 years. Please keep an eye on them.”

The two, who have been friends for a long time, worked together for the song “At This Time” included in Louie’s mini-album Inspiration. The two collaborated once again in 2016 for the song “Wings.”


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