Which Next Generation K-Pop Stars will Rain, Psy, BigHit, and Shinsadong Tiger Produce?

Successful artists and agencies leading K-Pop are producing new idols one after another for 2021.

Rain (Jung Ji Hoon), who had a new heyday last year by creating the “GANG” syndrome, plans to introduce a seven-member boy group ‘Ciipher’ in the upcoming March. Through his official YouTube channel, ‘Season B Season’, Rain revealed the group’s members. Whilst Rain coached their dance practice and taught them how to be entertaining, he raised expectations for Ciipher’s future career.

Credit: SBS, JYP Entertainment, Pnation

Psy and Park Jin Young also joined hands to produce a boy group through SBS’s new audition program LOUD. Though Psy and Park Jin Young are each leading Pnation and JYP Entertainment, they have joined forces through LOUD. The show is formatted so the duo selects two new idol groups. The purpose is to find participants with all-rounded talents in various fields such as song production, musical instrument, art, dance, and singing.

BTS’s label, Big Hit Entertainment, also announced the debut of its first girl group. After taking over Source Music’s GFriend, Big Hit will present a new girl group as Chief Brand Officer Min Hee Jin, known for her creative artwork, joins the team. Chairman Bang Si Hyuk said at a company briefing back in August, “A blockbuster girl group will be created with the synergy between Big Hit’s production department, Min Hee JIn’s sensual creative directing, and Source Music’s girl group know-hows.”

Credit: MLD Entertainment, NHN Entertainment, Sony Music

Global record labels are also participating in idol production. MLD Entertainment, which created MOMOLAND, will be joining hands with NHN and Sony Music to showcase a nine-member boy band ‘T1419′. The band was organized to make simultaneous debuts in Korea, the U.S., and Japan.

‘TRI.BE’, a new girl group co-produced by Shinsadong Tiger and Universal Music, is preparing to debut in February. The team name is a combination of ‘Tri’ for a triangle, a symbol of perfection, and ‘Be’ which signifies existence to ultimately hold the meaning of a ‘perfect being’.


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