“Application for Men Only” Superband 2 in Controversy for Discrimination

Credit: JTBC

JTBC’s band auditioning program SuperBand posted a notice ahead of the production for its second season. However, like the previous season, the conditions for participating have been limited to “men only,” leading to viewers’ criticism that it is sexist.

Credit: JTBC

JTBC created an official page for Superband 2 and posted a notice for the audition on the 4th.

Regarding the eligibility for applying, the production team specified, “Any talented musician in various fields such as applied music, K-Pop, classical music, Korean traditional music, rock, EDM, hip-hop, musical, Jazz, and world music can apply regardless of age, nationality, and academic background.” However, they emphasized the requirement to be a “male musician.”

In response, many pointed out that such restriction is discriminatory towards female musicians, especially when band activities are not limited to male musicians. Although the show advocates an “open audition” that does not limit age, nationality, or academic background, it ironically prevents some applicants from getting an opportunity, with its biggest precondition against gender.

Credit: JTBC

The same controversy arose in Superband season 1, aired back in 2019. While being criticized for restricting female artists, the show’s producer Kim Hyung Joon said, “The intention was to create a global pop band like Maroon 5. We focused on men to clarify the direction of the show.” This further drawn public outrage as it disclosed the production team’s sexist views which equated a specific gender to the global pop band. Now, the production team has completely ignored the controversy and imposed the same restriction in season 2.

On the matter, the production team of Superband 2 told SpoTV News on the 5th that “Superband 2 was planned to be a program for boy bands.”

With “Your colorful pleasure” as its catchphrase, JTBC has limited the band artists to male-only; hence, it is noteworthy to see whether Superband 2 will be able to truly satisfy the “colorfulness” that the viewers deserve.


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