Park Bom Has Lost 24 Pounds! Her Before-and-After Picture Shocks Netizens

Credit: newharoobompar/Instagram

2NE1’s Park Bom successfully finished her diet and regained the beauty from her prime days.

On Jan 4, Park Bom released the before-and-after photo of herself on her Instagram and wrote, “This is how I looked at last year’s Grand Bell Awards. I got so shocked and went on a diet and lost 11kg (24 lbs) from 70kg (154 lbs) to 59kg (130 lbs).”

She continued, “I had a hard time dieting because of the medication I took for ADD, but it feels amazing to have lost weight. After the successful diet, I’m taking less meds and getting healthier,” reassuring her fans.

Lastly, she added, “I’m never gonna go back to that (first) picture ever again! Please look forward to my comeback,” heralding her long-awaited comeback.

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