‘River Where the Moon Rises’ Teaser Proves Why Netizens Are Eagerly Waiting for the Drama

Credit: KBS

River Where the Moon Rises dropped a special teaser video and the responses are hot.

At the 2020 KBS Drama Awards, held on Dec 31, the special teaser for eagerly-anticipated drama River Where the Moon Rises was unveiled. This 40-second video captures the love story that shook the entire Goguryeo, already making prospective viewers’ hearts flutter.

River Where the Moon Rises is a fusion historical romance about Princess Pyeonggang (Kim So Hyun), whose life revolves around Goguryeo, and On Dal (Ji Soo), who made history with his love. This upcoming project is a work that re-interprets Princess Pyeonggang tale and will deliver the hot and brilliant story of Goguryeo to viewers’ homes in 2021.

And the pre-released special video shows the mournful romance between Pyeonggang and Ondal. Starting with their fateful encounter, the video captures the love that can change history.

Soon, Kang Ha Neul appears as On Dal’s father On Hyup. He, who looked serious at first, smiles with relief after seeing something or someone, raising expectations as to what kind of drama he will unfold with his special appearance.

Pyeonggang continues her blood-filled lonely battle to protect her country, but she is embraced by On Dal, who warms her heart with his belief, “Because you are my Goguryeo and my country.”

Meanwhile, KBS’s new Monday-Tuesday drama River Where the Moon Rises will premiere in February as the follow-up of Royal Secret Agent.


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