[PICK] ‘Sweet Home’: Who Plays Who?

Edited by Hong Hyun Jung
Translated by Kim Hoyeun

The reaction that Sweet Home is receiving is quite extraordinary. With its solid narrative that depicts people’s desperate struggles in a desperate crisis and its high-quality visuals that have completely melted the budget of 30 billion KRW (about 27.5 million USD), Sweet Home is gaining popularity not only at home but also abroad. For those who saw Sweet Home satisfactorily but are confused as to who is who (since there are so many characters), this article will cover actors who have bright futures and their characters.


Song Kang (Cha Hyun Soo)

Credit: Netflix

Song Kang, who left a deep impression as a pure-hearted man in Love Alarm, turned into a reclusive loner in Sweet Home. Pressed by guilt and a sense of loss, Hyun Soo tries to commit suicide, but at that moment, mysterious monsters created by humans’ desires attack and infect him, and with that, he becomes a hope and a threat to Green Home residents. Song Kang captures the colorful aspects of a character that is standing on the cliff with fancy action and stable acting, imprinting his presence as an actor. �


Lee Jin Wook (Pyeon Sang Wook)

Credit: Netflix

Pyeon Sang Wook makes you feel uncomfortable with only his daunting presence. He always has menacing looks on his face, uses intimidating words, and doesn’t give a damn about what others think. But the more you get to know him, he seems more human and is filled with scars behind his macho appearance. Lee Jin Wook catches your eyes with his wild image that he has never shown before. He maximizes his character’s charm by flawlessly portraying a person who shows his beastlike side in the face of terrifying monsters without hesitation and dedicates himself to helping others.


Lee Si Young (Seo Yi Kyung)

Credit: Netflix

Seo Yi Kyung actively utilizes her background as a firefighter from a special forces unit. She throws herself in dangerous situations, comes up with a reasonable solution even in chaotic situations, and always stays rational. Instead of being powerless in the face of unprecedented fear, she tries to stand brave. Lee Si Young, who plays a role that didn’t exist in the original webtoon, gives her character a sense of legitimacy with a strong and trustworthy charisma. Her powerful barehand action sequences against the monsters will make you stand in awe.


Lee Do Hyun (Lee Eun Hyuk)

Credit: Netflix

Lee Do Hyun, who showcased deft performances in 18 Again, appears as a cold-headed medical student in Sweet Home. Lee Eun Hyuk is the kind of person who prioritizes the interest of the majority over humane considerations. Therefore, he makes full use of Hyun Soo, who got infected, for the residents’ survival and convenience. Even while leading Green Home residents with his cool-headed judgments, he tries to fulfill his brotherly responsibility to his only family, Eun Yoo. Lee Do Hyun infuses complex emotions into a character that can only seem like a cold-blooded rationalist, allowing room for viewers to feel more attached to him.


Go Min Si (Lee Eun Yoo)

Credit: Netflix

Eun Yoo, who appeared as she practices ballet alone on the rooftop, is a cynical person, unlike her mysterious and pure first impression. After experiencing the death of her family, she starts to take a skewed perspective of the world. The overprotection of her brother, who is not blood-related, is just burdensome. Go Min Si, who presented bouncy and positive energy in the film The Witch: Part 1. The Subversion, plays Eun Yoo who has shut her mind to the world and carefully depicts her changes in the face of an extreme situation. Her unique way of delivering lines is still attractive.


Park Gyu Young (Yoon Ji Soo)

Credit: Netflix

Ji Soo, an aspiring singer, is a person with both a warm heart and courage to face the monster. Her human nature shines even more among the selfish Green Home residents. Park Gyu Young, who showed excellent performance in It’s Okay to Not Be Okay, catches the eye once again with a character who doesn’t let go of her humanity while confronting her survival instinct in Sweet Home. Her comradery bond with Jae Heon is also impressive.


Kim Nam Hee (Jung Jae Heon)

Credit: Netflix

With his excellent martial art skills, this Korean language teacher fights against monsters and doesn’t hesitate to sacrifice himself, giving us an unexpected impression. He offers viewers faith as a righteous warrior so much that the fact that he played anger-inducing Takashi Mori in director Lee Eung Bok’s last project Mr. Sunshine is just unbelievable. His charm doesn’t stop there. His affection for Yoon Ji Soo, who he had sought to survive together from the beginning, also grabs the attention.


Go Young Jung (Park Yoo Ri)

Credit: Netflix

Unlike her elegant appearance, Gill Sub’s (Kim Kap Soo) caretaker Park Yoo Ri has a strong personality. Even while suffering from asthma, she tries to stay strong and take care of Gil Sub and other residents. She debuted in 2019 as Jae In’s childhood friend So Hyun in the drama He Is Psychometric and played a cushion ghost that only cried sadly in The School Nurse Files, but her stable performance stands out.


Kim Sung Chul (Jung Eui Myung)

Credit: Netflix

The group of criminals in the second half of the drama pushes the Green Home residents into a more extreme crisis. And Eui Myung in this cruel and despicable gang raises tension with his poker face. In Sweet Home that he made special appearance in, Kim Sung Chul, who distinguished himself with his unique visual and outstanding skills in various projects like Prison Playbook, Player and Do You Like Brahms?, left behind a strong impression by clearly portraying a mysterious figure that makes us look forward to the next season.

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