Park Jin Young and Rain Takes Over ‘Morning Forum’

Park Jin Young (also known as JYP) and Rain filled Morning Forum with laughter as they performed their duet song “Switch to me” and spoke with wit.

(비)슈트, 니트 터틀넥, 슈즈 모두 가격미정 토즈. 팔찌 1천4백82만원, 반지 1천1백49만원 모두 프레드. (박진영)재킷 58만원 언티지. 팬츠, 슈즈 모두 가격미정 디올. 선글라스 25만9천원 젠틀몬스터. 목걸이 (위부터)18만원, 19만원, 반지 21만원 모두 웰스오너. 터틀넥 스타일리스트 소장품.
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The two appeared as guests on KBS 1TV’s Morning Forum which aired at 8.25 a.m. KST on the 1st, as they communicated with the viewers.

As a judging panel, Rain said, “I’m as nervous as when I was judged by Park Jin Young.” Meanwhile, Park Jin Young gave a somewhat objective score to a song sung by siblings and said, “I want to give you realistic advice. It’d be great if you capture the hardships of life in your music.”

When asked how he stays inspired, Park Jin Young answered that he prioritizes health and that he gets a lot of ideas when he takes good care of his physical health.

Credit: KBS

On this day, Rain spoke with wit as he evaluated the contestants’ songs. In response, Park Jin Young said, “I think Rain suits morning shows well.” He also revealed his wish of wanting to hold a concert on his 60th birthday, saying, “I want to take good care of my body so that I could dance and party then too.”

Rain also added, “I didn’t believe it when he said he would dance even when he’s 50, but here we are together. I think I can also dance until I’m 50.”


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