“We Would Pretend to be Lovebirds” Kim Song Opens Up About Her Marriage With Kang Won Rae

Credit: Kim Song’s Instagram (@song9170)

King Song has confessed about her past of pretending to be a lovebirds couple after Kang Won Rae’s motorcycle accident.

Credit: EBS1

The TV personality appeared as a guest on EBS1’s EBS Life Story – Paranmanjang which was aired in the afternoon of the 24th. She shared three miracles that had occurred in her life.

As she mentioned about how Kang Won Rae became disabled and was unable to use his legs after he was involved in the motorcycle accident, she said, “my second miracle would have been if my husband completely recovered like other patients when leaving the hospital. But he left being disabled. I was still confident when faced with his life of never being able to walk. I told myself that I could take care of him with the power of my love.” She then revealed, “but one day I woke up facing the reality. ‘How could I live my whole life like this while I’m still young? How do I live with my disabled husband?’ I couldn’t breathe.”

Credit: NoCut News

On the show, Kim Song also opened up about how she was forced to play the role of an angel as there were many eyes drawn upon her. She explained, “I lived caught up in the framework that they’ve created. I wanted to escape, get a divorce, and not be alive.” Furthermore, Kim Song confessed how hard it was to be two-faced while pretending to be a happy couple.

However, Kim Song claims the household in which she used to demand a divorce, and referred to as hell, turned into a sense of gratitude. She said, “I realized that this is the place I needed to be in, that I needed to protect my family, and that both my husband and I are precious human beings.” This realization of such thankfulness in life was the second miracle that Kim Song disclosed.


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