What Did Yang Se Chan Say to Make Park Na Rae Fall in Love with Him?

Credit: JTBC

Park Na Rae revealed her behind-the-scenes story with Yang Se Chan, drawing keen attention.

In the recent episode of JTBC’s Gamsung Camping, which aired on Dec 18, the behind-the-scenes story of Park Na Rae and Yang Se Chan’s “romance” was told for the first time. Park Na Rae first opened up, “About 7 years ago, I really liked Se Chan for about two months. I really liked him.”

Recalling the time she went on a trip with her fellow comedians, Park Na Rae confessed that Yang Se Chan’s “one word” made her fall in love with him.

“Se Chan was on his last vacation as a soldier, and at the time I was having fun with Se Hyung, Yong Jin and Jin Ho as usual, you know, punching, kicking and cursing at each other,” she shared. “And that moment, Se Chan grabbed Se Hyung’s arm and said, ‘Na Rae noona is a woman, so stop it!’ And I got hooked on that one word.”

Hearing her confession, Yang Se Chan drew a clear line as he replied, “I see. This is the first time I heard that. But you know, I said that as a soldier, not as a civilian, so don’t get me wrong,” giving a big laugh.

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