Who Will be the Winner of ‘SMTM9”s Final Round and Take 100 Million Won? 

Credit: Naver NOW

The final episode for season 9 of Show Me The Money (SMTM) will be aired today, on December 18th.

Credit: Naver NOW

Mnet’s hip-hop survival show will be showing the top 4 finalists including Swings, Lil Boy, Mushvenom, and Layone competing for the winner’s place. They advanced from the semi-final stage where 8 rappers competed in 1:1 showdowns.

For this season’s winner, they will be given the title of “Young Boss” along with a cash prize of 100 million Won (approximately 91k USD), and the support of music business planning so the winning rapper can continue various music activities throughout the year.

Featured artists of the final stages are also getting a lot of attention. This includes a unique producer and artist Gray, the hip-hop scene’s official “Rap Daddy” The Quiett, along with Loco, Jay Park, and Sogumm.

Credit: CJ ENM

The appearances of other artists such as Yumdda, WOO, Lee Young Ji, Jessi, and Jamie have also been announced. Expectations are high on the upcoming legendary performances, as they speculate which artists will collaborate with whom.

Show Me The Money 9‘s final episode will be aired today at 11 p.m. KST.


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