Sunmi Opens Up About Her Borderline Personality Disorder in ‘Running Girls’

Credit: Mnet

Sunmi tearfully confessed that she was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) 5 years ago.

Credit: Mnet

On an episode of Mnet’s Running Girls which aired on the 16th of December, Sunmi opened herself up amongst Hani, Chungha, YooA, and Chuu.

Sunmi revealed that she was on a hiatus after leaving Wonder Girls because she was more so mentally, than physically, pained. She added that after debuting as a solo, performing as a part of Wonder Girls again, and leaving the company, she had a lot of time to be alone with her thoughts. Sunmi confesses it was those times that were “eating her away,” and that she was diagnosed with BPD 5 years ago.

She explained while getting teary, “getting treated and taking medications made it better. Solving a fundamental problem of mine seemed to be convenient for people around me. BPD is an illness which also makes acquaintances suffer.”

As she confessed, Hani, Chungha, YooA, and Chuu consoled and reassured her. Sunmi also specified how early they had debuted and started their career. “Our identities are formed during adolescence, but we spent those times on the road,” she said, “so we need to take care of ourselves and know what we like and are good at.”


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