Director Lee Eung Bok Describes ‘Sweet Home’ as “Story about Humans”

Credit: Netflix

On Dec 16, Netflix original series Sweet Home held its press conference. For the event, director Lee Eung Bok, Song Kang, Lee Jin Wook, Lee Si Young, Lee Do Hyun, Kim Nam Hee, Go Min Si, Park Kyu Young and Go Youn Jung came together.

Sweet Home is based on the webtoon of the same name. The original webtoon, which tells a bizarre and shocking story that a loner high school student Hyun Soo experiences in an apartment where he moved after losing his family, gained much popularity, garnering 1.2 billion views. Mr. Sunshine, Goblin and Descendants of the Sun director Lee Eung Bok directed the series, raising much anticipation.

Director Lee shared that he was intrigued by the storytelling of desires turning humans into monsters and that he invested eight months in the project. “The story I really wanted to tell was about humans. I wanted to ask the question, ‘What is a monster?'” he added, stressing that Sweet Home is a story about humans and living like humans.

The three actors who played the main characters also expressed their thoughts on the work. Song Kang, who plays Cha Hyun Soo, said, “I thought about how to express Hyun Soo and illusions in his mind. So I expressed the darkest and most evil being within me as the illusion.” Lee Jin Wook, who plays Pyeon Sang Wook, talked about facing a new challenge, “I prepared a lot so that my previous images are unimaginable, and tried my best to show the new side of me.” Lee Si Young, who plays a newly-added character Seo Yi Kyung, explained the meaning behind her character, “Yi Kyung has her own life, but I mainly focused on helping others through sacrifice.”

The other main characters of Sweet Home are the Green Home, where residents are isolated, and the monsters. Director Lee, who perfectly recreated Green Home in a 3500 pyeong (about 2.86 acre) filming set, said, “The overall scale was big because more than 90 percent of the story takes place on this set. I thought it would be nice for viewers to find the desires of the building just like the desires of humans, so I hid some secrets.”

The greeting messages left by the global SFX team “Spectral Motion,” which perfected the realistic monsters, and Troy James, who acted the spider monster, were also released. In this regard, Lee Si Young expressed confidence in the monsters completed by top experts, saying that “our project will be a high-quality monster project that has never been seen in Korea before.” Finally, director Lee talked about working with Netflix, saying, “Netflix always makes new challenges and attempts. I hope the success of Sweet Home will be the impetus for better content in the future.”

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