Arashi’s ‘Face Down: Reborn’ Lyric Video Copied Day6’s ‘Zombie’ Lyric Video?

Some started to point out that Japanese top idol group Arashi’s lyric video for “Face Down: Reborn” plagiarized Day6’s “Zombie” lyric video.

On Dec 13, a post titled “Arashi lyric video looks quite similar” started to go viral on online communities. The two videos mentioned in the post are Arashi’s “Face Down: Reborn” lyric video and Day6’s “Zombie” lyric video.

Credit: Wikitree

Both videos show a man drawn in black silhouette against the backdrop of the white background. How the lyrics are placed around the character and how the scenes are switched from one to another are, no doubt, quite similar.

INSPI, the producer of DAY6’s “Zombie” lyric video, expressed frustration on his Instagram by capturing both videos and wrote “Should I call this an honor? I really made this with love” on top of that.

Credit: Wikitree

According to an exclusive interview with Sports Kyunghyang, INSPI said, “I already learned about the similarities in the two videos in June through overseas fans. I was shocked to see how similar the two were, and I’m just trying to find solace in the fact that the J-pop group followed ours because we did such an excellent job.” He then added, “I have no intention of protesting the plagiarism and will follow JYP Entertainment’s official position.”

About the alleged plagiarism controversy, JYP said, “We don’t have an official position regarding that.”

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