ONEWE’s New Song Was Inspired by the film ‘The Notebook’

Credit: RBW

ONEWE is coming back to the K-pop scene in three months with their new single album MEMORY: illusion. Following the theme of “memory,” this upcoming album conveys ONEWE’s warm emotions and consolation, and the members personally participated in the song, melting their own colors. Star Today conducted a written interview with ONEWE, who is making their comeback with a wider music world.

The new title track is “A book in Memory.” Yonghoon, who composed the song, said, “For this song, I was inspired by the film The Notebook. It’s about how our fairytale-like story is left in our memories and how we realize that our past memories have always been there like the night and day that visit us every day.”

Yonghoon paid careful attention to the vocal and the sound. “I would say ‘I want this and that sound,’ and our members would exactly do what was asked, and looking at them, I thought ‘Wow, we are improving.’ We have put in so much love in the song, so I hope you listen to it as you focus on every sound.”

CyA composed the first track “Aquarium.” He said, “I was traumatized when I fell into deep water in the past, and I was inspired by this trauma. Of all the songs we’ve released so far, it’s the most characteristic song.”

CyA also worked on the second track “Eraser.” He explained the song, “Everyone has this memory they want to erase or forget. One day, I was looking at the washing machine in the laundromat, and I thought about how nice it would be to launder the bad memories, and came up with the lyrics.”

Credit: RBW

What kind of evaluations do ONEWE want to receive with this upcoming album they made with so much love?

Harin said, “I wish to show people how much improvements we have made. All of us had a tough year with the COVID-19 pandemic, and I hope they will get a little bit of healing with our album.”

ONEWE will meet fans with untact concert conducted through NAVER V LIVE on Dec 13.

Dongmyeong said, “Although we can’t meet our fans face-to-face, we are trying hard to communicate with them through things like untact performances, video calls, or fan signing events. I hope you tune into our coming live broadcast, too.”

Finally, ONEWE talked about the direction they want to take.

“We hope that ONEWE becomes a genre itself. We can’t say yet that ‘this kind of genre is ONEWE’s color,’ but we believe that we are building up our own genre through our albums. With a goal to imprint our color on the public, we will continue to work hard.”

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