BTS Drama ‘Youth’ Halts Its Production + Plans to Resume Next Year

Credit: ARENA, VIBE Actors, CL& Company, Wells Entertainment, T1 Entertainment, Big Hit Entertainment

The production for Youth, also known as BTS drama, has been halted, and the production company plans to resume filming early next year.

On Dec 9, a media outlet reported that Youth suspended filming in late October. Big Hit Entertainment and Chorokbaem Media reportedly told the cast that the filming was suspended in the process of adjusting the plan to use members’ real names in the characters’ narrative.

However, the production failed to resume last month and was postponed once again earlier this month. In the end, the production company has decided to resume filming in January next year. Youth follows seven boys on their journey of growing up. The worldview that penetrates the drama is based on BTS’s “Hwayangyeonhwa” series, as the title “Youth” suggests.

Credit: Big Hit Entertainment

However, as soon as the introduction to the characters were released, ARMY was enraged over the shocking storytelling of characters with BTS members’ real names, “people think he killed his mother by setting the house on fire,” “a painful memory of being abandoned in an amusement park as a child,” “his family’s overprotection and his childhood filled with lies have deeply traumatized him,” or “life or death has no particular meaning,”

ARMY released their statement in October, saying, “The real name represents the lives of each member as a human being before being a member of the BTS. However, the agency is using their real names as fictional drama characters to pursue profits.”

Meanwhile, Youth is directed by Your Neighbor’s Wife director Kim Jae Hong and penned by The Light in Your Eyes and Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo writer Kim Soo Jin.

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