aespa Members Almost Debuted with Stage Names like Moa, Youngwon, Jasmine and Oohahh?

Credit: MBC Radio YouTube
Credit: MBC Radio YouTube

aespa chatted about the stage names they considered making their debut.

On Dec 7, aespa appeared on MBC Radio Kim Shin Young’s Hope Song at Noon as guests. And during their 50-minutes long episode, members talked about their stage names.

Kim Shin Young brought up the subject, saying, “Each one of you has very unique stage names. I wonder, were there any other candidates for your name?”

Winter first answered, “For me, there were names like Millie, Youngwon, Moah. But my birthday is Jan 1 and people told me that I have these clean and white images. So my name became Winter.”

Ningning said, “I have my real (Chinese) name. But when I was young, my nickname was Ningning. Staff in the company also called me by that name, so naturally it became my name.”

Giselle said, “When I was a trainee, I always wore headbands. And my training unnie told me that I look like an English girl. Giselle means elegance and classy, so it became my stage name.”

Karina said, “I’m Catholic, and my baptismal name is Katarina. So Karina, derived from that, became my name.” She then laughed and added, “Other candidates for me were Oohahh, Jasmine and Z-on.”

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