[Preview] 3 Major Points to Look for in Sentimental Romance film ‘Josée’

Credit: Warner Bros. Korea

Worst Woman and The Table director Kim Jong Kwan will present Josée, which will color the winter theater with deep emotion. This upcoming film is the remake of Tanabe Seiko’s novel and director Isshin Inudo’s film, and depicts a story of Young Seok, who is about to graduate from college, meeting a woman who asks him to call her by the name of Josee and feeling special emotions. Director Kim, who has been loved for his sensuous directing and delicate storytelling, has completed the love story that anyone can sympathize with, from the excitement for the first meeting to the serene breakup. Let’s take a look at 3 reasons why Josée, scheduled to be released on Dec 10, has already raised anticipations for the prospective audience.

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#Sentimental Reunion of Han Ji Min and Nam Joo Hyuk

Credit: Warner Bros. Korea

Josée is a movie that captures the most brilliant moments of Josee and Young Seok from the very first time they met. The first key point is the reunion of Han Ji Min and Nam Joo Hyuk, who have worked together in the drama The Light in Your Eyes. Han Ji Min plays Josee, who lives inside her own world, and delicately portrays changes in her heart as she experiences love with only her eyes and expressions, while Nam Joo Hyuk takes on the role of Young Seok and expresses the growth he faces after entering Josee’s world, conveying a deeper emotions together.


#A Special Story that Anyone Who Has Ever Fallen in Love Can Relate to

Credit: Warner Bros. Korea

The second thing to look for is the love story we all will agree to. Josee, who only lives in her small little world, and Young Seok, who approaches her with a candid heart, are excited, hesitant, happy, and anxious about the feelings they feel for the first time. The love story that the two will show will bring back the memories of our beautiful love. In particular, Josee and Young Seok, who change through love and step out into the world, will give an impressive afterglow that goes beyond a simple love story.


#Complete an Unforgettable Emotions with a Sensuous Directing

Credit: Warner Bros. Korea

The third key point is an emotional directing that captures all the space and seasons Josee and Young Seok were together. An amusement park where you can feel the sea breeze, an old bookstore and an aquarium that arouse analog sensibility and evoke memories that anyone can relate to, and Scotland, where the special moments between the two are captured, all make you look forward to Josée‘s sensuous video with exotic scenery. On top of that, each season’s unique atmosphere, which naturally flows through autumn when leaves fall, winter when snow piles up, and spring when cherry blossoms blossom, doubles the emotional power of the movie.

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