GOT7 Talks About Their Comeback with a New Album in 2 Years

Credit: JYP Entertainment
Credit: JYP Entertainment

GOT7 is making their long-awaited comeback on Nov 30 with their 4th full-length album Breath of Love: Last Piece.

Since their debut, the group has become “global K-pop stars,” attracting music fans all over the world with their colorful charms and powerful performances. GOT7, who has been drawing keen attention once again for their perfect “romantic” concepts, expressed their feelings about their new album through their label.

Q1. Was there any specific story that you wanted to include in this album?

JB: I hoped that this would be an album that will show each member’s capabilities. All of us took part in the work, giving more meaning to the album, and I think this became an album that shows our personalities.

Youngjae: What we wanted to say through this album and the title track “Breath” was one thing. With the album and the title track, we are saying that our fans are the reason that makes us breathe and the reason we sing as singers.


Q2. You guys are presenting double title tracks this time.

Yugyeom: It’s our first full-length album in 2 years and we wanted to show various sides of us for our fans.


Q3. Both of these title tracks were composed by members.

Jinyoung: We had plenty of time to prepare for the album, so we were more relaxed. Maybe that’s why our music and we show more relaxation than impatience.


Q4. Naturally, you will be dropping two music videos.

Youngjae: “Breath” was shot in a drama-like format. “Last Piece” originally had more group dance scenes, but I suffered a neck disc during filming, so we couldn’t finish what we first planned. I am sorry to my members.

Credit: JYP Entertainment

Q5. Every one of you wrote a song. Please introduce them.

Mark: I worked on the song titled “Born Ready.” The song means, “we’ve been prepared since birth and we’ve been waiting for this time.”

Jackson: I composed “SPECIAL” with composer BOYTOY. I wanted to say that all of you who have always supported and loved me are special to me.

Jinyoung: With “WAVE,” I wanted to share my idea of life flowing like waves with the listeners. And I wanted to tell you that I can endure it because there are people who care for me.

BamBam: “Waiting For You” is a song about missing the person we can’t never forget.

Yugyeom: “Now I’ll Do It” is a song about wanting to say thank you rather than hearing others say thank you.


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