Girls’ Generation’s Sunny Is Not Releasing Her Solo Album Because She Feels Unsure About Her Voice?

Credit: tvN

Girls’ Generation’s Sunny shared her concerns to BoA about her music career, shocking her fans.

In the recent episode of tvN’s On and Off, Sunny made up with BoA and shared honest stories about their music career.

Sunny hesitantly opened up her worries, saying, “When it comes to music, I don’t know what I like, what I should do or what I’m good at. I have always worked as a team, and I was only the MSG (a flavor enhancer).” She added, “Whenever we were recording, the voice the voice director wanted was more artificial sound. If I sang in my own voice, he would say, ‘Why did it get so boring?” and hearing that really messed with my confidence.”

After hearing Sunny say, “What I want and what I have to do really doesn’t match,” BoA consoled her, saying, “I thought your natural voice sounds so attractive. The vocalist Sunny is charming enough.”

When the cast members showed their surprise about Sunny having such concerns, she added, “I am the only Girls’ Generation member with no solo album. It feels like the first day of school is just around the corner but I haven’t finished my vacation homework. I feel like I’m being chased.”

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