Hallyu Stars Will Now Be Exempted from Military Service Until the Age of 30, and Yes, BTS, too

Credit: Big Hit Entertainment

The so-called “Hallyu Star Military Exception Law” was passed today. This is a bill that has drawn keen attention as it regards the global superstar BTS’s military service.

At a plenary session, the National Defense Commission approved a revision to the Military Service Act that would allow those recognized as outstanding in pop culture and arts to greatly enhance the national status and dignity to postpone their military conscription and enlistment.

Earlier in September, Rep. Jeon Yong Ki for the Democratic Party of Korea proposed the bill, saying, “It is unreasonable not only in terms of deprivation of opportunities but also in terms of enhancing the national image,” unless celebrities such as BTS are allowed to delay their military service.

Rep. Jeon explained, “If the bill passes the plenary session and the enforcement ordinance is revised, BTS members will be able to delay their enlistment until they are 30 years old.”

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