6 Actors Who Can’t Hold Their Liquor

When you watch Korean entertainment shows, you will often see how celebrities flaunt their “heavy drinking.” However, here are some of the actors who are known as cheap drunks (though they look like they could be one heady drinker).

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It turns out that Kim Soo Hyun can only drink 3 to 4 glasses of soju and 2 cans of beer. He once said that he never drinks “too much” because he feels bloated if he drinks more than usual and also because his face turns cherry red. He was seen carrying orange juice instead of alcohol at the after-party for his hit-drama My Love from the Star, drawing laughter.

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In the 2016 entertainment show Life Bar, Kim Nam Gil was seen drunk after having three glasses of so-maek (soju and beer). He appeared with Park Sung Woong and turned cherry red after one glass and got drunk after three drinks. Later, he was spotted being “carried” by Park Sung Woong, giving a big laugh.

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Kim Jae Wook can’t go beyond two cans of beer. He does enjoy having a drink now and then, but he is often seen drunk or being carried by his manager after the after-party. Kim Jae Wook and Kim Nam Gil became close friends after working on Bad Guy together, and they are said to talk all night long without a single drop of alcohol.

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Park Hyung Sik once said that he had a cramp in his leg after drinking a can of beer when he was a trainee. As a result of his efforts (?), he can now drink a bottle of soju. He prefers beer over soju, because he blushes whenever he drinks soju, and mostly meets up with Im Si Wan for a drink.

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Joo Won is another actor who is known as a cheap drunk. He once appeared in an entertainment show and said that he passed out after drinking two glasses of soju. He surprised the rest of the cast when he said that he once drank a can of beer with Yoo Hae Jin and couldn’t wake up till the next evening.

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Yoo Ah In is not picky about what he drinks, but he can’t tolerate his liquor that well. He once said that half a bottle of soju is his “alcohol tolerance.” Recently, he posted a short clip of him hugging a restaurant auntie while being drunk on his Instagram, giving a big laugh.

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