‘Boss in the Mirror’ Solar Talks About What She Did After Hearing People Say “They’re never gonna make it”

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Solar shared her honest experiences as a “boss.”

In the 82nd episode of KBS’s Boss in the Mirror, MAMAMOO’s Solar showed her daily life and hardships as a leader of a talented idol group.

When she was filming for the episode, she was seen getting ready for the group’s comeback with “AYA.” Since the choreography showed the highest level of difficulty, members gathered to practice without losing time. However, Hwasa was late by 20 minutes due to traffic jams. In an interview, Hwasa said, “My biggest weakness is being tardy. (So) I clashed with Solar a lot. Solar carried the ball as a leader and scolded me and pointed out the problems.”

About this, Solar said, “At first I was also young, so I had no idea how to control the situation, so I asked her, ‘why would you do that?’ Then Hwasa, who was also young, would say, ‘Why are you always like that to me?’ Then we would cry (as we fight).” But she added that they are like real sisters who fight but soon make up with each other and that she is making it work with her members.

Meanwhile, Solar showed her passion for other works besides MAMAMOO’s comeback. She was seen taking part in the weekly evaluation of trainees who are about to debut early next year. Solar drew attention with her candid and objective reviews.

However, when she met up with the trainees afterward, Solar put down all her previous biting attitude and comforted them by sharing her own worries and hardships. She said, “I felt weird before I made my debut. Since MAMAMOO is not visually perfect, we heard things like ‘they are never gonna make it’ or ‘if they screw up the performance, they’re over’ from people from our trainee days. We were ignored and looked down at.”

Solar then advised trainees to manage their mental health, saying that she solely focused on practicing and rehearsing after so many people told MAMAMOO that they have to take chances on stage.

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