Hyeri Explains Why She Joined and Decided to Exit from ‘DoReMi Market’ + Leaves Heartfelt Message on Her Instagram

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Yesterday, the last “tearful” appearance of Hyeri on tvN’s entertainment show DoReMi Market (aka Amazing Saturday) was aired.

The latest episode of tvN’s DoReMi Market featured Hyeri’s last appearance. Throughout the show, Hyeri was seen getting choked up, and finally, in the end, she said goodbye to her fellow cast members and viewers with tears.

After the show ended, Hyeri left a heartfelt message on her Instagram. She wrote, “I am a super crybaby, so I was worried that today’s episode might be uncomfortable for some. I walked into the set all prepared, but thinking that this was going to be my last appearance, I kept getting choked up. ‘Amazing Saturday’ gave me the courage to trust myself once again for the past two and a half years. It taught me that being my true self will allow me to receive the most love and it was pure luck to have spent this time with such amazing people. The more I think about it, the more I get affectionate, sorry and grateful.”

Credit: Hyeri YouTube

After the episode was released, Hyeri also dropped her vlog on her YouTube channel and explained why she joined the show in the first place and why she decided to leave.

Saying that she was actually facing a slump at the time she joined the show, Hyeri explained, “I really wanted to receive love from people, but at the time, I was told ‘you’re not good’ in everything I did. I really wanted to hear things like ‘you’re so good’ or ‘of course it’s Hyeri,’ but all I heard was ‘I don’t want to see her.'”

She added, “So what am I supposed to do from now on? Then I thought, ‘you know, I think I received good reactions when I was on entertainment shows.’ The format was simple, and I do have this desire for winning, so I started thinking that this will be my new challenge.”

Hyeri then talked about why she decided to exit from the show. She said, “I grew very fond of the show as more and more people started to show love for her. But when I was filming for ‘Miss Lee,’ I would get so tired after working on the drama, then people would say things like ‘Hyeri looks so tired’ or ‘Hyeri’s really quiet today.’ I didn’t want to hear stuff like that, so I would pour my everything in Amazing Saturday, then I don’t remember what I did when I would be filming for the drama.”

Hyeri added, “If I continued to do that, I thought that I would be causing harm to the show. You know my job is to work on these works (dramas or films). I thought that I would have to win people’s spurs once more in that area for them to enjoy what I do on the entertainment shows.”

Meanwhile, Hyeri is currently filming for the drama Terrifying Cohabitation (literal title). Taeyeon, Key and Hanhae will be replacing Hyeri’s space in DoReMi Market.


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