‘Kairos’ Ahn Bo Hyun and Kang Seung Yoon Catch the Eyes with Their Unexpected Charms

Credit: MBC

Ahn Bo Hyun and Kang Seung Yoon are captivating the viewers with their unexpected charms in MBC drama Kairos.

Kairos tells the story of a man who is in despair after his daughter was kidnapped and a woman who lives in the past and is searching for his missing mother, joining hands to save the ones they love. From the first episode, the drama drew keen attention with its solid and meticulous development. In it, Ahn Bo Hyun plays Seo Do Kyun, Kim Seo Jin’s (Shin Sung Rok) trusted subordinate, and Kang Seung Yoon takes on the role of Im Geon Wook, Han Ae Ri’s (Lee Se Young) close friend.

Credit: MBC

Ahn Bo Hyun delicately expresses the double-sided character. When Kim Seo Jin’s daughter was kidnapped, he stood by Kim Seo Jin’s side, saying, “Please call me when you need me.” He even soothed Kim Jin Ho, who is protesting in front of the company building, with his sincere words and actions.

However, in the fourth episode, Seo Do Kyun was seen having an affair with Kim Seo Jin’s wife Kang Hyun Chae (Nam Gyu Ri), then in the fifth episode, he was also seen having a good time with Kang Hyun Chae, who disappeared after hinting at an extreme choice, and Kim Da Bin, who had been kidnapped. Ahn Bo Hyun’s performance, which ideally describes Seo Do Kyun’s psychology, raises viewers’ curiosity about what story he is hiding and how long his affair with Kang Hyun Chae has been happening.

Credit: MBC

Han Ae Ri’s close friend Im Geon Wook at first seemed like a charming man, even helping Ae Ri with her part-time job at a convenience store. The friendship between the two friends who are living a tough life put a smile on viewers’ faces, but Geon Wook was seen stealing Ae Ri’s money after being pressured by the loan sharks. Kang Seung Yoon realistically portrayed the agony of a character who had to betray his friend after his life was threatened by loan sharks.

But he returned as “Ae Ri’s protector” after he received forgiveness from Ae Ri. When Kim Seo Jin, who called from the future, warned Ae Ri’s death, Geon Wook rushed to save his friend. Kang Seung Yoon instantly reversed the atmosphere of the play, making us breathe sigh of relief.

As such, Ahn Bo Hyun and Kang Seung Yoo naturally melted the unexpected narratives into their own characters, enlivening the story. Attention is focusing on what they will show next.

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