Suzy and Nam Joo Hyuk’s Heart-Fluttering Moments in ‘Start-Up’

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Suzy and Nam Joo Hyuk are coloring the small screen with pink.

In tvN’s Start-Up, which depicts the story of young people who entered the world of startup companies dreaming of success, Suzy and Nam Joo Hyuk each play the role of Seo Dal Mi and Nam Do San, receiving favorable reviews. The two boast fantastic chemistry that makes you smile just from watching. Let’s take a look at some of the best heart-fluttering moments of “DoDal couple.”


#1 Fateful Encounter at a Party

The first time Seo Dal Mi and Nam Do Man met at a party was definitely a scene that made us already guess the two’s perfect chemistry. Though it may have been the beginning of a “fake” relationship, he was Dal Mi’s first love and the warm memory that consoled her when she was young, while she became the one that caused a stir in Do San’s heart that he couldn’t understand with his logical head. The sight of them making eye contact in the middle of countless people as if they are the only ones there will make your heart flutter for their romance. (from 13:20)


#2 First Time Holding Hands

The first time Dal Mi and Do San “touched with affection” was when they held hands on the bus. After Do San came across Dal Me at a bookstore, he followed her onto the bus. Sitting next to each other, Dal Mi starts to compare her own hand with Do San, and at that moment, Do San’s confused mind of wanting to hold her hand is seen through his “shaking” fingertips, giving a big laugh. It seems like love is in the air between Dal Mi, who pretends to be fine but can’t hide her shyness, and Do San, who is full of embarrassment and excitement at her sudden touch. (from 2:37)


#3 First Hug of Joy

The news was like a lucky break to Samsan Tech, who could not hold back their anxiety after losing to Injae Tech in the Hackathon. Dal Mi hugged Do San, who brought the news of successfully breaking into Sandbox (South Korea’s fictional Silicon Valley), with joy, and Do San, who was already excited by the news, lifted her up, enjoying the moment. (from 17:07)


#4 First Kiss on the Rooftop

Do San exploded with rage towards Won Doo Jung, who treated Dal Me badly by picking on her mother and her sister instead of paying a fair price for Samsan Tec’s technology. After storming out of the room to the rooftop, Do San confessed his true heart to Dal Mi, saying, “I’m sorry to start a bad blood for you, but I will become a bigger person for you than Won Doo Jung. I will become your connection worth 10 billion won!” And the two shared their first affection kiss (from 8:50)

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