Black Swan’s Label to Take Counter Action Against ‘A’ Who Accused Hyeme of Fraud + Group to Temporarily Halt All Activities

Credit: DR Music

With Black Swan’s Hyeme accused of fraud of 50 million KRW (about 44,877 USD), Hyeme and her agency will be taking legal action.

On November 10, Black Swan’s label DR Music released their official statement and heralded strong legal actions against A, who accused Hyeme of fraud, on charges of defamation, blackmailing and sexual harassment.

Hyeme also delivered her apology through the label, saying, “I apologize for causing trouble to the agency and our fans with my frivolous actions.”

DR Music stated, “Contrary to A’s claim of meeting through Instagram, A was ‘Africa chairman (those who send money to streamers on streaming-site named Africa)’ when Hyeme briefly acted as Africa BJ. She met with him briefly to thank him for all his support and nothing more.” They added, “Hyeme had no choice but to avoid him when he would come over to her officetel (studio room) and demand over-the-line demands such as one night stands or asking her to go out with him.”

According to the statement, besides the first time she asked for 5 million KRW (about 4,485 USD), the rest of the money was voluntarily given by A. This is what Hyeme told her agency: “I told him that I will reimburse 5 million KRW after November. I avoided his contact because we scared me when he kept asking me to sleep with him and requesting me to go out with him. I never conned him and purposely hid from him. I will get the facts straight through litigation.”

Finally, DR Music revealed that Hyeme’s contract with the agency ended on November 7. The idol signed a contract as a member of RaNia in 2015 and joined Black Swan 6 months before her contract ended to participate only in the debut album. The agency added, “Although the company is no longer obliged to respond to her personal affairs, we will help Hyeme. We will not sit idly by because the project we launched by putting in our heart and soul was hampered by irresponsible malicious claims.”

Meanwhile, Black Swan will temporarily suspend all promotions from November 11.

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