Upcoming K-Drama: Character Guide to Teen Romance Drama ‘Live On’

Cartoon-like drama is on its way. Live On, starring NU’EST’s Hwang Minhyun and Extracurricular star Jung Da Bin, will premiere on November 17.

Credit: JTBC

Live On depicts a sweet romance that Baek Ho Rang experiences when she meets Go Eun Taek, a strict head of the broadcasting club, after she joins the club with suspicious purposes. Besides Hwang Minhyun and Jung Da Bin, rookie actors such as Noh Jong Hyun, Yang Hye Ji, Yeonwoo, Choi Byung Chan, will join hands to create fresh and sweet stories.


Hwang Minhyun – Go Eun Taek (the head of the broadcasting club)

Credit: JTBC

He is a perfectionist who does not tolerate things unless they are best. He plans every minute of his life and is famous for being strict to himself and others. But his cold personality and hard-nosed manner exudes a mature charm, making him popular among girl students. One day, Baek Ho Rang enters the perfect broadcasting club, and with her unexpected actions, his daily life that used to roll without a single error is on the rocks.


Jung Da Bin – Baek Ho Rang (influencer)

Credit: JTBC

She is a celeb in the school who is the object of envy and jealousy among students. The fact that she is a stiff-necked girl only leaves her with one friend. She flaunts her pride to cover up her lonely heart, but deep inside, she has secrets that she can’t tell. One day, she hears a story that pokes her deepest secret during a school lunch show and joins the broadcasting club to find the anonymous caller.


Noh Jong Hyun (the head of student council)

Credit: JTBC

He always goes by the book and therefore is a good friend of Go Eun Taek. He is always calm and indifferent but smiles when he is with his girlfriend, Jae Yi. However, it’s too much for him to notice her feelings that go up and down like a roller coaster, and on top of that, having to express his feelings is tiring him every day.


Yang Hye Ji – Ji So Hyun (the deputy head of the broadcasting club)

Credit: JTBC

She is a model student who has never missed the top grade. She is always calm and gentle but has the gut to confront those to gossip about her with a smile. She used to be Ho Rang’s best friend, but Ho Rang has cut all ties with her out of the blue. Two years later, the two meet once again when Ho Ran applies for the broadcasting club.


Yeonwoo – Kang Jae Yi

Credit: JTBC

She is the kind of person who has to say what’s on her mind. Her candid and outspoken personality makes her a person who can approach arrogant Ho Rang and So Hyun who strangely keep a wall around her. She worries about her relationship with her boyfriend Do Woo Jae, who she can never understand.


Choi Byung Chan – Kim Yoo Shin

Credit: JTBC

He is the only one who lives a free and easy life among friends who are running fiercely for a goal. He is also the only friend Ho Rang has. The first day he met So Hyun, he fell in love with her.

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