Krystal Says She Empathized with Her Character in the film ‘More Than Family’

Krystal, no, actress Jung Soo Jung will greet the audience with her new film More Than Family.

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More Than Family follows a five-month pregnant woman Toh Il, who lost contact with her biological dad 15 years ago, as she goes on a search for her birth father.

On November 3, director Choi Ha Na, Jung Soo Jung, Jang Hye Jin, Choi Deok Moon, Lee Hae Young, Kang Mal Geum and Shin Jae Hwi attended the press conference for More Than Family.

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Director Choi Ha Na revealed why she chose family comedy as her debut film.
“While I was thinking about what kind of movies I like and what kind of movies I want to show, a family movie came to mind. If you look into the stories of our own family or stories of family around us, each of them has their own situations. I thought I could get a lot of people’s sympathy if I told stories about a family by referring to those stories.”

She also explained how she came up with the unique title (Korean title).
“When I only wrote the spec that presented a fuss delivered by fathers, my friends in the screenwriting class gave me the idea to parody an existing movie. And as we were making parodies with Days of Being Wild, we came up with More Than Family [애비규환 (sounds like Abby Kyu Hwan)].'”

She showed confidence by candidly telling why she cast Jung Soo Jung.
“Her images as f(x) ‘s Krystal is strong, but I really enjoyed High Kick! The Revenge of the Short Legged. I knew that she would do me proud when it comes to comedy acting.”

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Jung Soo Jung will be making her big-screen debut with More Than Family.
“This is my first movie. I enjoy movies a lot. I always loved independent films, and it was such an honor to be with such great seniors. I just enjoyed every moment. Without focusing on the difference between dramas and movies, I just loved being on the filming sites. I think they will all be shown on the screen.”

Toh Il, played by Jung Soo Jung, is a five-month pregnant woman who is always on the ball and is good at putting her words into actions.
“When I first got the offer to play a pregnant woman, I hesitated a little because it was such a big challenge. But after reading the script, I said I would do it in a heartbeat. The script was that much fun. Also, Toh Il is very confident and has a trust in herself, and these parts were really empathetic and attractive.”

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Jang Hye Jin, who worked together with Jung Soo Jung as a mother and daughter, praised Jung.
“Whenever she faced something difficult, rather than asking ‘What should I do?’ she says, ‘Yeah, it’s difficult, but I’ll give it a go,’ and that always inspired me.”

More Than Family will be released on November 12.

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