WJSN’s First Sub-Unit Chocome Talks About Their First Album ‘Hmph’

On October 7, WJSN’s first sub-unit Chocome released their first album Hmph and started their promotions in earnest.

Credit: Starship Entertainment

The group consists of four members, Luda, Soobin, Dayoung and Yeoreum, and unlike the mysterious concept they showed as WJSN, Chocome boasts members’ cute charms, drawing enthusiastic responses from fans. The title track “Hmph!” is a vintage disco-pop song with addictive hooks and honest lyrics that express her innermost feelings to a crush who doesn’t know her heart.

WJSN’s first sub-unit Chocome talked about their promotions, “Hump!” challenge and special collaboration.

Q1. How do you feel about your first sub-unit promotions?
Soobin: I was very nervous at first, but now I’m excited every day. It was a bit burdensome to show different images from the concept we showed as WJSN, but I think many people liked the fact that we have entirely put in our beagle-like charm. Thank you very much.


Q2. Any special reason why you started your sub-unit activities?
Soobin: I’ve always wanted to try sub-unit. And thankfully, I was given this great opportunity. More than anything, our members and I are perfect for the concept of Chocome (means the little one in Korean), don’t you think? The process of preparing for the album with a whole new concept was so exciting and heart-fluttering that if I have a chance, I want to show you various sides of me through another unit group next time.


Q3. What’s the charm of Chocome?
Luda: When you look at the members, you know why we’re little ones. The charm is that the members are so cute and naturally give off a refreshing charm.
Yeoreum: I think our charm is the energy that makes people feel delightful.

Credit: Starship Entertainment

Q4. Dayoung worked as Chocome and filmed for Kakao original drama Love Revolution at the same time.
Dayoung: I was a little busy because I was preparing for my Chocome promotions while filming Love Revolution. Still, both of them were the first for me, and they are both what I love, so I am just so happy every single day.


Q5. Considering how mysterious and dreamy WJSN has been, your concept as Chocome is different as night and day.
Soobin: I think our members will go really well with this fresh and lively concept. Perhaps it’s because of the clear, coll and bubbly voice, the song “Hmph!” came out better, and the music and the concept seem to fit perfectly.

Credit: Starship Entertainment

Q6. Many participated in “Hump!” challenge and created a series of parodies.
Soobin: The biggest goal of our promotions was for many people to enjoy them. I’m so happy that you guys are enjoying our song.
Luda: I will be lying if I say I didn’t expect it, but I didn’t know that our fans will create parodies for “Hump!” We watched a video of other singers’ “Hump!” moments, and they were so cute and fun. Thank you so much for all your love.


Q7. “Hump!” drew keen attention for special collaborations with Moon Se Yoon, Norazo and Kim Young Chul.
Soobin: First of all, I would like to thank everyone who collaborated with us. Everyone worked really hard on the stage, and I think it was more fun to perform “Hump!” with them.


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