After Two of the Biggest SM Idols Created a Stir, JYP’s Philosophy Comes Under Spotlight

Credit: Mnet

After Irene’s controversy over the power trip and Chanyeol’s controversy over his misdeeds, Park Jin Young’s philosophy caught the eyes.

Recently, photos of Park Jin Young (aka JYP) giving a special lecture to the singers on Mnet’s SIXTEEN, which aired in 2015, started to spread online.

“I hope you become good people before you become good singers. And for good people, good character comes before good skills. Sincerity, modesty and truth, these three things are the most important,” JYP said.

He went on to say, “In the past, I used to curse a lot. However, I had a change in thoughts in 2010 and never said a single swear word since then. If you are someone who curses a lot, I hope you stop that starting today.”

He also added, “You have to be humble from your heart. I’m not saying be nice to those who drive you or do makeup. You have to be grateful for them from your heart.”

JYP continued, “You can succeed without being humble. But the problems hit you in life. And at that time, you need help from people around you. You cannot find your way out on your own.”

Credit: MBC

Yesterday, TWICE members, except Jeongyeon, guest appeared on MBC’s Radio Star and talked about various things, including education they received that show a glimpse into JYP’s philosophy. According to members, all JYP trainees receive sex education and IT education from an early age.

JYP once said, “Even if they don’t make their debut, as long as they are trainees in JYP, they are my responsibility.”

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