More Staffs Step Up to Defend Red Velvet’s Irene, But Some Haters Started to Attack Other Red Velvet Members


More staff and dancers that have worked with Red Velvet’s Irene over the years have stepped up to defend Irene as “a warm and good person.”

Three days ago, a stylist exposed one celebrity’s rude behaviors, causing a huge stir. The lengthy post she wrote started to spread like wildfire, and eventually, Red Velvet’s Irene officially apologized.

And since then, there has been a heated debate over the singer. Netizens continued to criticize her for her unwise actions, while more staff stepped up to refute allegations.

Sookyung from Soonsoo, a salon that Red Velvet has been going to for years, wrote, “Irene is someone that there are many good anecdotes about. She’s a celebrity that knows how to thank people. Gifts aren’t everything but many staff in Soonsoo like her because he has such a good character. As she is a celebrity with more good sides to her, this situation is all the more regrettable. I hope that this post, although it is short, will become a small strength to her.”

Another staff member from Soonsoo wrote, “Irene is more warm-hearted than anyone I know. I don’t know why this kind of thing happened, but I’m sure this too will pass, and the truth will prevail. I’ll stay by your side so let’s overcome this together.”

One staff, who worked with Irene for five years, defended her, saying, “How many artists will give handwritten letters to every dancer? I can’t say I know everything about her, but as a person who has been working with her for a long time, I know that she has a kind heart.”

Credit: The Qoo, Twitter, Instagram

Choi Sun Hee, who is in charge of Red Velvet’s choreography, wrote, “I think there is too much misunderstanding about Irene. She is a smart girl who is full of energy for her work and has a strength in picking up details.” She also added, “Of course, there are times when there are conflicts of opinion because it is a place where many people come together to work, but on such days, she always texts first, knows how to coordinate opinions, shows her gratitude and cheers us up.”

Amid a flurry of postings by Red Velvet staff, there are still negative testimonies against Irene. However, with the continued controversy, there are also voices of concern over the fact that some people are going beyond the criticism and just using this opportunity to vent out their anger.

And this concern seems appropriate as some haters started to attack other Red Velvet members. Here are some of the comments written on members’ Instagram. “Joy, you need to be careful, too,” “I heard everyone except Seulgi and Wendy are b******,” or “Joy, I heard a lot of things about you. Act nice before you become like Irene.”

Credit: The Qoo

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