Fans Hope to See Lee Kwang Soo and His “Doppelgänger” C.T.O.’s YC Together

Credit: SBS

C.T.O.’s YC, who drew attention for his resemblance to Lee Kwang Soo, visited Korea and gave a shout-out to Lee Kwang Soo.

YC, who appeared on the Chinese idol audition show We Are Young last summer, also became the hottest topic in Korea a while back for his Lee Kwang Soo look-alike appearance. He was even mentioned in Running Man, earning the nickname “China’s Lee Kwang Soo.”

It has been reported that YC became the first Chinese idol to appear on a Korean reality show. He arrived in Korea early this month and recently wrote, “I’m finally in Korea. My wish is to see Lee Kwang Soo in person. I miss you!” on his Instagram.

After seeing the post, netizens also showed their expectations for their meeting, writing comments like “You should totally come out on ‘Running Man’ once,” “I thought we are not supposed to meet our doppelgänger,” or “It will be hilarious to see them on the same screen.”

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來到韓國很興奮, 期待能有機會與亞洲王子李光洙前輩見面。 저 드디어 한국에 왔어요. 내 소원은 아시아 프린스 이광수선배님 만나는 거에요. 이광수 선배님 보고싶어요!

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