Upcoming K-Drama: Character Guide to Soldiers in OCN New Drama ‘Search’

This fall, a drama that will color the small screen with cold tension is coming.

OCN’s Search, set to premiere on Oct. 17, is the country’s first military thriller drama set in the demilitarized zone. It tells the story of a mysterious disappearance and murder at DMZ and the elite search party formed to reveal its secrets. Director Lim Dae Woong, best known for Horror Stories and House of the Disappeared, will direct the drama, and Jang Dong Yoon, Krystal, Moon Jung Hee, Yoon Park and Lee Hyun Wook will appear.


Jang Dong Yoon – Yong Dong Jin (Polaris Special Mission Group’s Dog Handler)

Credit: OCN

Leaving behind the splendid past of being selected as the Army’s most elite warrior soldier for the first time in the reconnaissance battalion, he is now a conscript sergeant who is just one month away from his long-awaited discharge. Before getting drafted, he also worked as a veterinary student in an animal rights group. When a sniffer dog is included in the search party, he also joins the team as the youngest member. He needs to complete the mission safely and return to his unit safely with the military dog, but his blood of needing to see the end of the mystery starts to boil.


Krystal – Son Ye Rim (Polaris Special Mission Group’s Officer)

Credit: OCN

She is a former ROTC and the first lieutenant of the Armed Forces CBR Defense Command. She is an elite officer who got commissioned with the top grades and even completed overseas training at the United States Military Academy. When something strange starts to happen in DMZ, she becomes the first soldier to get deployed as a special officer. And there, she meets her ex-boyfriend Yong Dong Jin, who joined the search party as a dog handler.


Yoon Park – Song Min Gyu (Polaris Special Mission Group’s Team Leader)

Credit: OCN

He is an elite officer with the rank of captain with a perfect career. He was supposed to be appointed as the operations officer at the Army Headquarters but is now a suspect in a military prosecution trial after being embroiled in an unsavory incident. At the moment of crisis, he is assigned as the head of the Polaris team and gets his last chance, but he is actually hiding another reason why he must go back to the DMZ.


Lee Hyun Wook – Lee Joon Sung (Polaris Special Mission Group’s Deputy Team Leader)

Credit: OCN

He is a Special Assault Commando soldier under the direct control of the Command Center and the kind of person with true esprit de corps. When the incident happens in DMZ, he is appointed as the deputy team leader for the search party and leads the team with his soft charisma. He will engage in a war of nerves with Song Min Gyu, who is preoccupied with the operation’s success.


Moon Jung Hee – Kim Da Jung (Former Special Force)

Credit: OCN

She is a former team leader of the All-female Emergency Response Team under 707th Special Missions Group and now works as a contract commentator at the DMZ Memorial Hall. She lives in Cheongong-ri, the only civilian village in the DMZ, with her family. When the incident occurs, she helps the search party with her experiences as a special force.

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