Netizens Come Up with Various Interpretations over a Pair of Jeans Jennie Wore

Credit: jennierubyjane/Instagram
Credit: jennierubyjane/Instagram

After Jennie posted a picture of herself wearing jeans with the message “CENSORED,” netizens are coming up with various interpretations.

On Oct. 10, Jennie posted a picture of herself in outfits that she wore on MBC’s Show! Music Core stage on her Instagram. In the photo, Jennie showed off her usual chic charm with bold outfits. However, what caught the most attention was her jeans that had the print of the English word “CENSORED.”

Previously, BLACKPINK’s “Lovesick Girls” music video was embroiled in controversy over the sexy nurse outfit worn by Jennie. The Korean Health and Medical Workers’ Union criticized YG for “following the typical sexual code under the excuse of ‘costumes,'” and the company ended up deleting all the problematic scenes and posting a revised version of the music video.

After seeing her post, it has been argued that Jennie has indirectly expressed her position on the recent controversy by wearing a costume that shows the word “CENSORED.” However, some say that it’s too much of a leap based on what is written on her pants.

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