Jeon So Min Says She Never Liked Her Tall Height

Credit: SBS

Jeon So Min talked about her complex and her images in entertainment shows.

On Oct. 9, Jeon So Min and Choi Jung Won appeared on SBS Power FM’s Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time Radio to promote their upcoming movie The Name.

During the episode, Choi Hwa Jung asked Jeon So Min, “I didn’t know, but Jeon So Min is actually quite tall. How tall are you?” The actress answered, “I’m 169 cm (about 5.5 ft). If I say 170 cm (about 5.6 ft), then I look too tall.”

Jeon So Min added, “I don’t like being tall. When I do romance scenes with actors, I have to be held tight and grabbed by one hand, but no matter how hard I crumple my body, I just look huge.”

When Choi Jung Won praised Jeon So Min for her bright energy she showed in the filming set just like “how she is in various entertainment shows,” she said, “Actually, my images in entertainment shows only resemble 60% of my real self. I’m more timid and have a lot of worries.”

She continued, “Since I’m always smiling on TV, people think I’m mad if I’m not smiling. That’s not true. That’s just me when I’m in my ‘off’ time.”

Meanwhile, The Name, starring Jeon So Min and Choi Jung Won, will be released on Oct. 14.

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