Oh Yoon Ah Talks About Following Lee Jung Hyun’s Honeymoon with Son Ye Jin and Lee Min Jung

Credit: SBS

Oh Yoon Ah revealed an episode related to her best friends Lee Jung Hyun, Lee Min Jung, and Son Ye Jin.

On Oct. 4, actress Oh Yoon Ah appeared as a special MC on SBS’s entertainment show My Little Old Boy.

When asked about following Lee Jung Hyun on her honeymoon, she answered, “We did follow her on her honeymoon. Jung Hyun asked us, ‘Do you guys want to accompany me on my honeymoon?’ and we just said yes.” She recalled the time and added, “Lee Min Jung, Son Ye Jin, and I followed the couple, and we had such a blast.”

Seo Jang Hoon said, “You guys might have had a great time, but Lee Jung Hyun’s husband must have been very awkward. It’s like serving four top actresses on his own honeymoon.”

Oh Yoon Ah inwardly agreed to him, saying, “Jung Hyun said his husband gladly agreed to it, so I just believed her. But on the last day, he did look bad,” giving a big laugh. She continued, “Our crew, Ye Jin, Min Jung, and I, we are all easy-going. So we simply thought that it was going to be fun. But the groom looked tired and more tired every day. The very last day, we were eating ramen, and he was just staring up into space.”

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